The Association of African Studies in Italy (ASAI) aims to be the privileged site for African studies in Italy, within the framework of a dynamic and conscious interaction with Africa and the Africans. The main goal of the Association is to promote interaction and cultural exchange among national and international scholars through an interdisciplinary perspective. The Association promotes meetings and seminars. Every two years, ASAI conveys the Conference on African Studies in Italy. ASAI supports the creation of research networks and the divulgation of scientific research on African issues. The Association encourages the debate on how to promote the study of Africa and African issues within the Italian university, devoting particular attention to the creation of research networks with African institutions and the consolidation of the European dimension of the Italian research system. The Association is committed to enhance its members’ skills by promoting the publication of valuable works and encouraging connections with other scholars all over the world. Particular attention is devoted to innovative research undertaken by Phd students.