Journal of African History, Virtual Special Issue | COVID-19 and African History

Si segnala l’uscita del numero speciale del Journal of African History “Covid -19 and African History”, che riunisce una selezione di articoli e di recensioni di libri su epidemie e salute pubblica nella Storia dell’Africa.

“This virtual special issue draws together a selection of The Journal of African History’s many articles and book reviews analyzing epidemics and public health over recent centuries. Their range reminds us that pandemics operate, and need to be analyzed, at varying scales. COVID-19, like many diseases in the past, will reshape international relations, threaten the capacity of national economies and legitimacy of the state, and apply intense pressure to the mutual care and spiritual beliefs that sustain, connect, and sometimes divide communities and households. […] We hope that this collection of historical analyses provides new understanding of the links, and contrasts, between past and present, and helps connect us to some of the pioneering insights of scholars of African medical history”.

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