CfPapers per la conferenza “The Narrative of Islamic violence in History. Creation, artifice and reality”

Segnaliamo la call for papers per la conferenza “The Narrative of Islamic violence in History. Creation, artifice and reality”, in programma il 14-15 dicembre 2018, organizzata dall’Institute for Culture and Society dell’Universidad de Navarra. Gli abstract vanno inviati entro il 30 aprile 2018.

Informazioni complete sulla call e sulla conferenza sono disponibili qui.

Di seguito riportiamo le tematiche su cui è possibile presentare i paper.


Papers on the following topics are welcomed:

1. Islam-Christian and inter-religious (anti-Judaic, anti-Zoroastrian etc.) violence in History, their concrete as well as invented narrative (7th-19th centuries)

• The Early centuries of Islam
• The Crusades and their invention (Tyreman, 1998)
• The historical phase of the Gunpowder Empire
• Colonialism and anti-Colonialist struggles (18th-20th centuries)
• Muslims and non-Muslim historians who have written on inter-religious violence or its contrary in the Dar al-Islam

2. Islam and the “Verses of War”, from literary to historical-critical understanding

• Quran and the “verses of War”, the identification of the enemy
• The verses of War and its narrative over the centuries (7th-20th)
• Qital, Jihad, Harb etc. Arabic terminology on war in the past and in the present
• Islamic religious thought and analysis of specific authors

3. Orientalism, Occidentalism and the “Clash of Civilizations”, the creation of a narrative of the conflict

• Ed. Said “Orientalism” and its cultural heritage, post-Orientalism and new- Orientalist positions
• The adoption of Western concepts and positions and their customization to Islam, the ongoing “Occidentalist” attitude and narrative
• The “Clash of Civilizations” narrative: Islamophobia, War on Terror, anti-Islamic Neoconservative movements and ideology
• Political and religious thought on the “perennial” state of world- conflict

4. The Academic crisis of the Humanities and the “Engineers of Jihad’s theory” (2016). The advent of Islamic religious fundamentalism as a cultural factor

• New-Age and the Crisis of the Humanities; academic hyper-specialization and historical common understanding
• The Islamic world and its Academic system, the lack of Humanities and the advent of religious ignorance (O. Roy, La Sainte ignorance, 2013)
• “Bad teachers” new figures, ignorant politicians and the global economy. Islamic political thought and religious fundamentalism