CfPapers per il 14th International Symposium on Comparative Literature “Writing Across Borders” | Cairo University

Segnaliamo la call for papers per il Fourteenth International Symposium on Comparative Literature “Writing Across Borders”, in programma dal 13 al 15 novembre 2018 al Cairo. Il testo completo della call è disponibile qui, di seguito ne riportiamo un estratto.

Borders are not merely dividing lines, but rather ambiguous paths where identities are constantly broken and reassembled. Physical, imaginary and psychological borders in language, literature, linguistics and the arts -visual and performing- create a global frontier that deepens cross-disciplinary dialogues. In an era where technology and social media are claimed to help in breaking/dissolving boundaries and creating a unified globe, borders still exist. Admittedly, attempts at crossing existing borders are constantly made, sometimes with great success, other times with utter failure. Yet, it is still a world where barriers and borders of all sorts are constructed, reconstructed or deconstructed. Intersections of different kinds of borders such as those of ethnicity, class and gender are among the prominent features of our world, and so are different forms of interdisciplinarity and multimodality. In an attempt to dismantle the construction of borders, and to better understand its profound resonance in writing, the fourteenth International Symposium of Comparative Literature invites scholars to share their thoughts in the following areas of research, which include, but are not limited to:

Redefining Borders                                  Refugee Issues

Borders and Otherness                              Nomadism

Borderlands and Visual Arts                    Intersectionality

Beyond Borders                                        Feminism and Gender

Language and Border Crossing                 Multimodality

Myth, Fantasy and Folklore                     Children’s Literature

Migration, Landscape and Identity          Digital Humanities

The National, the International and the Transnational


Submission of Abstracts by: 15 April 2018